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Jayne Crean

Jayne Crean (was: Jayne Alexander) first trained as an electronic engineer where she was, ironically, also secretary of the University's Psychology Society.

After that, she worked as a systems programmer and then she soon found her way into marketing, sales, support, training and general management - after all, there's no way to design something well unless you understand what the user wishes to do!

She worked in these sectors:

...and she presented over 40 papers at many conferences in these sectors.


Jayne helped professionals develop or regain their confidence.


Companies she has worked for include:

EMI Medical Limited, Miles 33 plc, LSI Computers Limited, BICC Data Networks Limited, Acorn Computers Limited, Wace Group plc, Synopsys Technology Limited, Saatchi & Saatchi (London & Worldwide) and Sapphyr Internet Publishing Limited plus many of their customers and suppliers.

She held senior positions with these companies and started J A Publishing in 1992.

She now spends her time composing EDM - Electronic Dance Music, and writes.

Synopsys Technology Limited

Legacy information about our sister company Synopsys Technology Limited


Jayne started writing fiction when she was eight and even won a prize! :)

This stood her in good stead when it came to sorting out clients' 'copy'!

...and, correspondingly, it encouraged her to attend a number of writing courses and part of an MA in English Lit.

One day, when she can stand the politics, she *might* get some fiction published!


J A Publishing may be contacted on info@jayne-crean.com


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